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Photography Services Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your final images I am not satisfied.  That is why I guarantee all of my work.​

That means if you receive images from me that do not meet the scope of the project we discussed, I will work with you to determine why and fix the issue.

Photography is a creative endeavor rather than a science.  As with all art, we all like something a little different and often have strong opinions on what we like and what we don't.  I have worked to represent a wide sampling of my work on this site so that potential clients can get a clear idea of my style and skill before they commit to purchasing a photo shoot. 

I understand that sometimes the photographer and the client cannot see eye-to-eye.  If that is the case, after I have made every effort to get you the image you need, and we cannot agree on a final image, I stand behind my guarantee and will refund your money.​



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